new construction inspections abilene tx

Did the Builder Forgo Inspection? Your Property Deserves Better.

New construction inspections in Abilene, TX

Are you building a new home in the Abilene, Texas area? Your contractors may say that your new home is built to conform with codes and regulations, but it might be wise to have a third party inspector make sure that this is really the case.

Recon Real Estate Inspection can provide you with a comprehensive new construction inspection in the Abilene, Texas area. From pillar to post, we'll see that no corner is left unexplored.

What do we look for?

Our trained inspector will check all of your major home systems. We'll also check for:

  • Damaged foundation and cracks that could lead to ventilation concerns and pest problems.
  • Grading that slopes away from the house, to prevent water from getting into the home and causing damage.
  • Properly sealed roof penetrations and flashing

To schedule an inspection for your new home, call 325-668-8826 today!